Pennsylvania: God, Rain, and Fear

After having a very long conversation with my dad about Japanese B-Movies and their influence on America B-Movies I finally was on my way to Roadside America. I was soaked by the time I got there (a theme for the day). It was bizarre, it was full of Mennonites, and it was amazing.

I got there just as “night time” was being initiated. They play a goodnight hymn and God Bless America and they project a bunch of strange religious pictures next to the Statue of Liberty and a jiggling American Flag. I had a great time looking at all the homes and scenes. They have a Patreon you can check out.

After I reluctantly left to get back on my bike to go ride in the rain somewhere, I decided maybe I should call it a day. Originally I was going to go to Raystown Lake, but I decided I would head to a campground that’s specifically for bikers, Steel Steeds. The ride to the site was a test of my will. I know that sounds dramatic, but riding in the rain for hours on huge hills while your bike stalls out from being wet will make you question a lot of things. At one point I took refuge under a church driveway just to dry off and eat. It felt very silly and sad, but I was happy to take a break.

When I finally got to Steel Steeds it was almost dark and I was completely soaked. Bob, the owned of the campground, was there to greet me. “You want a cabin, I think you need a cabin.” I needed a cabin. I unloaded my bike and Bob let me know there was a bar right next to the campground and that if I hurried I could get a meal. I don’t know about you, but there is something about having a bar right next to where you’re staying that brings me so much relief. I thought I’d only be in there for a half hour, I ended up staying til the placed closed, the conversations we’re that good.

I was told I should take a picture of the Crown Royal we drank, because it was very special.

In the morning I got to see more of the campground and loved the place even more. There was a cat, a huge fire pit, a washer and dryer that were just out to be used, and to trailers with a bunch of bathrooms, and the Susquehanna River was right there. Serious, if you ride, or even if you don’t, go to this place.

My drive to Pittsburgh was less eventful, but till very interesting. I do have three observations. One, I hate special weather roads. I was not ready to be wiggling all over the place on the not-highways Google put me on. Two, you can drive through major power plants whenever the mood strikes you in PA. Three, Pittsburgh is hilly, like so much more hilly I’m surprised I’ve never heard anyone mention it before.

I got to stay inside this time, with a friend of a friend, Amanda. Her cat was a sweetie and liked sitting on my stuff.

It was a bit of a party that night and we had a great time talking and hanging out.

Some of the things I saw in PA.

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