Day One-ish: Maryland and Pennsylvania

I got out on the road kind of late, but it didn’t really matter. Some how it took me about three and a half hours to get up to Hereford. I stopped in Monkton for “dinner” which was, and will probably continue to be, jerky and dried fruit. Once I was getting closer to Lancaster I started seeing some really cool stuff. Like this hotel that’s shaped like a steamboat.

Anyone who’s been to Bird-In-Hand or Intercourse PA, knows that the area is both very pastoral and full of Amish-based entertainment. Lots beautiful cows, little goats hopping around, and draft horses pulling things. Also, lot of people staying in hotels so they could get some rest after watching and buying things from Amish people all day. I saw a very spirited party going on at one local homes. Children were running around in the dark and the parents were sitting around a big fire. It was kind of like looking to a different reality. I snuck into a KOA and set my hammock up in the dark.

I guess it was an area that was sort of not available to the general public because no one else was in that section and it wasn’t on the KOA map. Fireworks and gunfire around dusk, but everything calmed down pretty fast. I thought being away from the other campers wouldn’t bother me that much, but then I heard the tree limbs breaking… Nothing came of it, but it freaked me out enough to lie awake, afraid a bear would be coming out of the woods.

I’m heading to Roadside America now, and it’s raining off and on. There should be some pictures of little towns coming up soon.

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