Day 10(?): I’ll be better at this, I swear

Leaving Dubuque, IA for Lacrosse, WI.

I stayed at the Richard House last night.

I needed to find a place to sit and figure out where to go next, so I went into the Dubuque arboretum.

I figured I’d look around and then draw some plants, but I ended up meeting a bunch of sweet older folks and chatting instead. The ladies painting group, “The Broad Strokes”, let me sit in on their session. I ended up speaking to the husband (a former Navy pilot and professional motorcycle tour guide) of one of the ladies about where to head next. Everybody there was so genuine and kind and very happy to meet me, which I was so tickled by. I didn’t get to see much of the arboretum, but it was an interesting time for sure.

I ended up staying at a campsite near the Mississippi. The drive to Lacrosse was beautiful.

Day One-ish: Maryland and Pennsylvania

I got out on the road kind of late, but it didn’t really matter. Some how it took me about three and a half hours to get up to Hereford. I stopped in Monkton for “dinner” which was, and will probably continue to be, jerky and dried fruit. Once I was getting closer to Lancaster I started seeing some really cool stuff. Like this hotel that’s shaped like a steamboat.

Anyone who’s been to Bird-In-Hand or Intercourse PA, knows that the area is both very pastoral and full of Amish-based entertainment. Lots beautiful cows, little goats hopping around, and draft horses pulling things. Also, lot of people staying in hotels so they could get some rest after watching and buying things from Amish people all day. I saw a very spirited party going on at one local homes. Children were running around in the dark and the parents were sitting around a big fire. It was kind of like looking to a different reality. I snuck into a KOA and set my hammock up in the dark.

I guess it was an area that was sort of not available to the general public because no one else was in that section and it wasn’t on the KOA map. Fireworks and gunfire around dusk, but everything calmed down pretty fast. I thought being away from the other campers wouldn’t bother me that much, but then I heard the tree limbs breaking… Nothing came of it, but it freaked me out enough to lie awake, afraid a bear would be coming out of the woods.

I’m heading to Roadside America now, and it’s raining off and on. There should be some pictures of little towns coming up soon.

Travel Blog

Hi! I’m going on a cross-country motorcycle trip and I’m going to try and keep track of all the things I see and do. I’m not always the best at chronicling my life as it’s happening, but as this is a way for people to know that I got to where I’m supposed to be, I’ll try and be as consistent as possible.

I did a test ride yesterday to see how heavy the bike could/should be while I was riding. It was tough. I purposely over-packed (100-120lbs of extra weight) and, man alive! I am hurting today. The bike also seemed to be struggling with all the weight. I’m going to try and take it down 20-30 lbs and see how it feels then.

I’m very excited to head out this week. To just keep going without having to worry about getting back for anything… I seems like a dream.

Two Big Projects

I’m going to be working on some neat collaborative stuff over the next few months. I’ve already mentioned the lovely TrashÜ project, but I’ll also be working on an installation for Wickerman Burn and helping to curate a show at my studio with my motorcycle club.

The Flower Power Stronghold will be a place for people to learn how to meditated, as well as just relax.


I’ve already received confirmation on the grant for this project and I’m excited to start working on it over the next couple months.

Call For Artists_2017

We’re now sending out a call for artists for the 4th annual Motorcycles + Art gallery show. This art show is all work by motorcyclists. It’s always a good time, but this year it’s going to be even more exciting since it will be taking place during Artscape.

I’ve been at the Post Office Garage for almost five years now, and it’s a space that has so much potential. Our studio, and this show, will be a part of Artscape Gallery Network for the first time.