I Moved and I’ll Move Again


So after all that, I moved.

I moved to Thermopolis, WY to work at a leather clothing manufacturing place. That went well for a while but was very difficult. The whole move and resettling was difficult. I’ve never been able to afford to live on my own and it’s been very eye-opening moving to a small town in the middle of a state that’s known for its isolation. (I call it the poor man’s Iceland.)

I’m working at a gallery now and I think I’m going to be moving again. I may want to live closer to people I know in the future. It’s outrageously beautiful out here, but WY is losing its population every year and it tends to have an issue with adapting to new technologies. I feel like I’m living in a version of America few rarely see anymore. I like it more than being in surrounded by sprawl, terrible traffic, and housing that borders on the look and feel of over-priced storage units. But the isolation is aggravating some old demons.

I would suggest moving into these sleepy little towns to anyone. They need you, whoever you are. These towns are dying and they need bodies and young people. They’re losing a battle again justifying their own existence. It’s a terrible shame that these truly supportive communities are disintegrating.


Pennsylvania: God, Rain, and Fear

After having a very long conversation with my dad about Japanese B-Movies and their influence on America B-Movies I finally was on my way to Roadside America. I was soaked by the time I got there (a theme for the day). It was bizarre, it was full of Mennonites, and it was amazing.

I got there just as “night time” was being initiated. They play a goodnight hymn and God Bless America and they project a bunch of strange religious pictures next to the Statue of Liberty and a jiggling American Flag. I had a great time looking at all the homes and scenes. They have a Patreon you can check out.

After I reluctantly left to get back on my bike to go ride in the rain somewhere, I decided maybe I should call it a day. Originally I was going to go to Raystown Lake, but I decided I would head to a campground that’s specifically for bikers, Steel Steeds. The ride to the site was a test of my will. I know that sounds dramatic, but riding in the rain for hours on huge hills while your bike stalls out from being wet will make you question a lot of things. At one point I took refuge under a church driveway just to dry off and eat. It felt very silly and sad, but I was happy to take a break.

When I finally got to Steel Steeds it was almost dark and I was completely soaked. Bob, the owned of the campground, was there to greet me. “You want a cabin, I think you need a cabin.” I needed a cabin. I unloaded my bike and Bob let me know there was a bar right next to the campground and that if I hurried I could get a meal. I don’t know about you, but there is something about having a bar right next to where you’re staying that brings me so much relief. I thought I’d only be in there for a half hour, I ended up staying til the placed closed, the conversations we’re that good.

I was told I should take a picture of the Crown Royal we drank, because it was very special.

In the morning I got to see more of the campground and loved the place even more. There was a cat, a huge fire pit, a washer and dryer that were just out to be used, and to trailers with a bunch of bathrooms, and the Susquehanna River was right there. Serious, if you ride, or even if you don’t, go to this place.

My drive to Pittsburgh was less eventful, but till very interesting. I do have three observations. One, I hate special weather roads. I was not ready to be wiggling all over the place on the not-highways Google put me on. Two, you can drive through major power plants whenever the mood strikes you in PA. Three, Pittsburgh is hilly, like so much more hilly I’m surprised I’ve never heard anyone mention it before.

I got to stay inside this time, with a friend of a friend, Amanda. Her cat was a sweetie and liked sitting on my stuff.

It was a bit of a party that night and we had a great time talking and hanging out.

Some of the things I saw in PA.

Travel Blog

Hi! I’m going on a cross-country motorcycle trip and I’m going to try and keep track of all the things I see and do. I’m not always the best at chronicling my life as it’s happening, but as this is a way for people to know that I got to where I’m supposed to be, I’ll try and be as consistent as possible.

I did a test ride yesterday to see how heavy the bike could/should be while I was riding. It was tough. I purposely over-packed (100-120lbs of extra weight) and, man alive! I am hurting today. The bike also seemed to be struggling with all the weight. I’m going to try and take it down 20-30 lbs and see how it feels then.

I’m very excited to head out this week. To just keep going without having to worry about getting back for anything… I seems like a dream.

Two Big Projects

I’m going to be working on some neat collaborative stuff over the next few months. I’ve already mentioned the lovely TrashÜ project, but I’ll also be working on an installation for Wickerman Burn and helping to curate a show at my studio with my motorcycle club.

The Flower Power Stronghold will be a place for people to learn how to meditated, as well as just relax.


I’ve already received confirmation on the grant for this project and I’m excited to start working on it over the next couple months.

Call For Artists_2017

We’re now sending out a call for artists for the 4th annual Motorcycles + Art gallery show. This art show is all work by motorcyclists. It’s always a good time, but this year it’s going to be even more exciting since it will be taking place during Artscape.

I’ve been at the Post Office Garage for almost five years now, and it’s a space that has so much potential. Our studio, and this show, will be a part of Artscape Gallery Network for the first time.

I Guess It’s Fall


Now that the weather is turning, I felt like I should post something that resembles an update. I had a bit of a slump in my art the latter part of the Summer. I’m not a complete believer in seasonal depression, but if I was, Summer would be the season that gets my gloom going like no other. That hot, groggy veil is slipping away now and I’m getting back on that ol’ horse called creativity… or project management… or personal accountability. Back on that terrible monster that I have to tame and somehow monetize in order to prove my worth… Ok there’s a lot of self-judgement in that statement, but that’s where I am right now. So here’s to more posts and more artwork. October, here I come!

Summer Time Summer Time

Lots of lovely and exciting things have happened so far this Summer. Before the official start of the season, I completed two successful art endeavour. The Motorcycles+Art show in Hampden and the Temporary Temple project at Wicker Man Burn in PA. I had a lot of help from my friends to get these tasks accomplished and the experiences have been so rewarding. I’ll hopefully get the chance to dedicate more time to similar opportunities before the season is over.


Katy C. looks over the submitted artwork. 


My work displayed next to Stephanie Murdock’s


The set-up for Temporary Temple at Wicker Man Burn


A more direct view of the meditation dome

Indiegogo For Temporary Temple


Proposal2016.pngI made an Indiegogo for a public art project I’m producing with a friend later this June at the Wicker Man Burn Festival. The project is called Temporary Temple. We will be making a sacred space to practice folk/pagan rituals as well as artwork that interpalys with those beliefs. I’m excited to start this project, but we have limited funds. Please check out our proposal here and if you want to join us at the festival, you can find out more information here. Thanks!