Keep Going, Suffocation Is Normal.

I didn’t make it to Lewiston yesterday and I didn’t make it there today either. I did, however, get over the Lolo Pass.

I went to Arlee yesterday to visit the 1000 Budda Garden. It was already smokey and hot as hell by noon. I stopped and had a good chat and some food at Hangin’ Art… But I was feeling off. I was dragging the whole day and right as I was about to get on the pass I started feeling sick. I decided to call it a day. I stayed at the amazing Square Dance campground in Lolo.

Today I went over the pass and it was pretty wrecked. Lots of construction. Not a lot of places to stop on my side of the road. I think if you’re heading from Idaho to Montana you get a better deal in general. I was stuck in there for about five hours. Hot and smokey, my friends. It was another hour and a half to Lewiston. After talking to a cryptic gas attendant named “Rusty” about places to stop near by, I headed by to the KOA I passed right as I entered the Nez Perce reservation.

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