Keep Going, Suffocation Is Normal.

I didn’t make it to Lewiston yesterday and I didn’t make it there today either. I did, however, get over the Lolo Pass.

I went to Arlee yesterday to visit the 1000 Budda Garden. It was already smokey and hot as hell by noon. I stopped and had a good chat and some food at Hangin’ Art… But I was feeling off. I was dragging the whole day and right as I was about to get on the pass I started feeling sick. I decided to call it a day. I stayed at the amazing Square Dance campground in Lolo.

Today I went over the pass and it was pretty wrecked. Lots of construction. Not a lot of places to stop on my side of the road. I think if you’re heading from Idaho to Montana you get a better deal in general. I was stuck in there for about five hours. Hot and smokey, my friends. It was another hour and a half to Lewiston. After talking to a cryptic gas attendant named “Rusty” about places to stop near by, I headed by to the KOA I passed right as I entered the Nez Perce reservation.

Deep West: An Update

There is a lot I haven’t written about from the last week. I’ll try and write it all up soon. Trying to keep on top of my blog and anything else “normal life” related has been pretty difficult. The important thing is that I’m ok and doing fine. That’s why you’re reading this… Probably.

I’m in Missoula, MT. I’m at a very fancy KOA. This is my third day in Montana. Places all around here have been on fire. It’s more windy than I expected and apparently that plays into the whole fire-season thing. I’ll be crossing the Lolo Pass tomorrow and stopping in Walla Walla, WA. I’m excited to get a souvenir from there, because I feel like I’ve been hearing jokes about Walla Walla, WA since I was a kid.

I guess I barely stopped to take any pictures today, because this is my only on-the-road picture. I normally try to take pictures at least at every gas station I stop at.