I Moved and I’ll Move Again


So after all that, I moved.

I moved to Thermopolis, WY to work at a leather clothing manufacturing place. That went well for a while but was very difficult. The whole move and resettling was difficult. I’ve never been able to afford to live on my own and it’s been very eye-opening moving to a small town in the middle of a state that’s known for its isolation. (I call it the poor man’s Iceland.)

I’m working at a gallery now and I think I’m going to be moving again. I may want to live closer to people I know in the future. It’s outrageously beautiful out here, but WY is losing its population every year and it tends to have an issue with adapting to new technologies. I feel like I’m living in a version of America few rarely see anymore. I like it more than being in surrounded by sprawl, terrible traffic, and housing that borders on the look and feel of over-priced storage units. But the isolation is aggravating some old demons.

I would suggest moving into these sleepy little towns to anyone. They need you, whoever you are. These towns are dying and they need bodies and young people. They’re losing a battle again justifying their own existence. It’s a terrible shame that these truly supportive communities are disintegrating.


Deep West: An Update

There is a lot I haven’t written about from the last week. I’ll try and write it all up soon. Trying to keep on top of my blog and anything else “normal life” related has been pretty difficult. The important thing is that I’m ok and doing fine. That’s why you’re reading this… Probably.

I’m in Missoula, MT. I’m at a very fancy KOA. This is my third day in Montana. Places all around here have been on fire. It’s more windy than I expected and apparently that plays into the whole fire-season thing. I’ll be crossing the Lolo Pass tomorrow and stopping in Walla Walla, WA. I’m excited to get a souvenir from there, because I feel like I’ve been hearing jokes about Walla Walla, WA since I was a kid.

I guess I barely stopped to take any pictures today, because this is my only on-the-road picture. I normally try to take pictures at least at every gas station I stop at.

Day 10(?): I’ll be better at this, I swear

Leaving Dubuque, IA for Lacrosse, WI.

I stayed at the Richard House last night.

I needed to find a place to sit and figure out where to go next, so I went into the Dubuque arboretum.

I figured I’d look around and then draw some plants, but I ended up meeting a bunch of sweet older folks and chatting instead. The ladies painting group, “The Broad Strokes”, let me sit in on their session. I ended up speaking to the husband (a former Navy pilot and professional motorcycle tour guide) of one of the ladies about where to head next. Everybody there was so genuine and kind and very happy to meet me, which I was so tickled by. I didn’t get to see much of the arboretum, but it was an interesting time for sure.

I ended up staying at a campsite near the Mississippi. The drive to Lacrosse was beautiful.

Travel Blog

Hi! I’m going on a cross-country motorcycle trip and I’m going to try and keep track of all the things I see and do. I’m not always the best at chronicling my life as it’s happening, but as this is a way for people to know that I got to where I’m supposed to be, I’ll try and be as consistent as possible.

I did a test ride yesterday to see how heavy the bike could/should be while I was riding. It was tough. I purposely over-packed (100-120lbs of extra weight) and, man alive! I am hurting today. The bike also seemed to be struggling with all the weight. I’m going to try and take it down 20-30 lbs and see how it feels then.

I’m very excited to head out this week. To just keep going without having to worry about getting back for anything… I seems like a dream.