Two Big Projects

I’m going to be working on some neat collaborative stuff over the next few months. I’ve already mentioned the lovely TrashÜ project, but I’ll also be working on an installation for Wickerman Burn and helping to curate a show at my studio with my motorcycle club.

The Flower Power Stronghold will be a place for people to learn how to meditated, as well as just relax.


I’ve already received confirmation on the grant for this project and I’m excited to start working on it over the next couple months.

Call For Artists_2017

We’re now sending out a call for artists for the 4th annual Motorcycles + Art gallery show. This art show is all work by motorcyclists. It’s always a good time, but this year it’s going to be even more exciting since it will be taking place during Artscape.

I’ve been at the Post Office Garage for almost five years now, and it’s a space that has so much potential. Our studio, and this show, will be a part of Artscape Gallery Network for the first time.