Open Studios Tour: 2016 – preparing

Here you can see one of the many preparations we’ve made for the upcoming studio tour. Chloe and I finally put flooring down in our bathroom. We have a long way to go and only a few days left. I’m confident in our ability to get to a place with the studio where it looks good and we feel excited for others to see it… Instead of hanging our heads in shame anytime people visit. 

I Guess It’s Fall


Now that the weather is turning, I felt like I should post something that resembles an update. I had a bit of a slump in my art the latter part of the Summer. I’m not a complete believer in seasonal depression, but if I was, Summer would be the season that gets my gloom going like no other. That hot, groggy veil is slipping away now and I’m getting back on that ol’ horse called creativity… or project management… or personal accountability. Back on that terrible monster that I have to tame and somehow monetize in order to prove my worth… Ok there’s a lot of self-judgement in that statement, but that’s where I am right now. So here’s to more posts and more artwork. October, here I come!

Summer Time Summer Time

Lots of lovely and exciting things have happened so far this Summer. Before the official start of the season, I completed two successful art endeavour. The Motorcycles+Art show in Hampden and the Temporary Temple project at Wicker Man Burn in PA. I had a lot of help from my friends to get these tasks accomplished and the experiences have been so rewarding. I’ll hopefully get the chance to dedicate more time to similar opportunities before the season is over.


Katy C. looks over the submitted artwork. 


My work displayed next to Stephanie Murdock’s


The set-up for Temporary Temple at Wicker Man Burn


A more direct view of the meditation dome

Indiegogo For Temporary Temple


Proposal2016.pngI made an Indiegogo for a public art project I’m producing with a friend later this June at the Wicker Man Burn Festival. The project is called Temporary Temple. We will be making a sacred space to practice folk/pagan rituals as well as artwork that interpalys with those beliefs. I’m excited to start this project, but we have limited funds. Please check out our proposal here and if you want to join us at the festival, you can find out more information here. Thanks!